beautiful castles and things.

I promise that our photos will make there way online soon. It was ridiculously slow to upload them in Ireland so I'm hoping to make a pit-stop at an internet cafe tomorrow to bring you visual evidence that we are in the UK and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Arden sends his greetings and would write some but has spent the past couple of hours online booking flights like a mad-man. He WILL show up here. I promise.

Our stay in Ireland was beautiful. We spent most of our days there wondering through the national museum, art gallery, St. Patrick's Cathedral, St. James' Green, and filling our bellies with fish and chips and Lamb stew. I have been overwhelmed at the amount of historical monuments that seem to just pop up on every street corner. All the buildings show so much age, history, and character. I have taken over 300 hundred photos already.

Yesterday we boarded a plane to fly us to Glasgow, Scotland and "experienced" the gong-show that is Ryan-Air. We arrived safe and sound with all our luggage but I was definitely surprised at the lack of service and extra efforts we had to make on our part. There is a reason why the plane tickets were cheaper.

Once in Glasgow we maneuvered our way to the downtown core of the city to the train station that would take us to Edinburgh. Again I was thankful for Arden and glad that he could be the navigator and I could be the follower. I thoroughly enjoyed the view from the train during our 1 1/2 hr. trip through the Scottish country side-- green landscape, flocks of sheep, stone walls and little cottages.

Upon entry into Edinburgh I was immediately glad that we had chosen this route over London. The entire city is seriously laden with cobblestone streets. Old cathedrals and castles litter the landscape. Our hostel sits in a more rural section of the city in an old refurbished mansion of sorts and the back door leads directly onto a walking path along the coast. We have been able to hitch a ride with the charter bus into Edinburgh city centre during the day which has been so convenient. Today we toured the Edinburgh castle and although the site was over-run with tourists we did enjoy the day there. I have fallen in love with the castles of this country.

We are staying here in Edinburgh until Tuesday. We were originally hoping to travel to London by bus or Train and then take the Chunnel across to Paris but finances along with time-spent-travelling would not make that a worthwhile trip. Instead we are enjoying more time in Scotland and flying direct to Paris Tuesday afternoon.

I am enjoying myself. I am enjoying Arden. I am enjoying this adventure. I am learning new things about myself and am slightly discontented with the burts of selfishness and weak resolve that have popped up already. This trip has provided opportunities for me to tackle a few personal challenges. My lungs along with my legs are getting stronger by the day. We have been walking 6-7 hrs. a day which is more physical activity than I did the month after Pneumonia.

Thank you for all your notes of love and well-wishes. We carry them with us.

Thank you for journeying with us.

I think I will go find myself another pint of Scottish ale to share with my husband.


M said…
Sounds so awesome! I'm so glad you guys are having a good trip so far; I love hearing about your travels. :) Stay safe and enjoy!
Cass said…
Really sounds amazing! I hope that you will be able to post some pictures soon...stay safe!
YAY!! I'm glad you found my blog. It's rather random but what else is new...have I ever been anything BUT...I'm so excited to hear about your travels and can't wait to see pictures. Praying for you guys! And miss you!
Carla said…
Yay! (Edinburgh is where Nathan and I first started "falling in love"... tee hee!) Did you find any of the sweet hole-in-the-wall jazz clubs while you were there?

love you loads! Can't wait for pictures. :)