lots of airplanes

We arrived safe and sound in Dublin this morning, our packs arrived with us, and we even braved the public transportation system and made it to our hostel without getting lost. Woot! All I can say is thank you God for a directionally functional husband!

All of our flights ran smoothly and on time for the most part. We were even able to sleep on most of the flights which was a big blessing.

We spent most of this afternoon doing lots of walking, taking pictures, and trying desperately to stay awake. After a gander through the Guinness brewery, the Dublin castle, and down many side roads we had a generous sized nap for a couple hours. We took another walk this evening and are trying to stay up for a little while longer so that hopefully our body's clock is all caught up and in the right time zone tomorrow.

Ireland thus far has been absolutely beautiful to explore and a lot like I expected in a lot of ways--lots of stone and BEAUTIFUL architecture, green everywhere, rainy and overcast, and pubs on every corner. I have already fallen in love with the vast array of coloured doors and archways that are everywhere in this city.

Our hostel is full of friendly people from all over the world... one of the fellows in our room is named Sufjan and is from France. I got a nice giggle out of that one.

Arden and I have decided to stay in Dublin until Saturday and then spend a couple days in Scotland. We are thinking of bypassing our stay in London altogether (it's expensive here yo!) and just hopping on the train sometime mid-next week to go on to Paris. I would be down for a couple extra days of castle exploration anyhow.

Be well friends.

Pictures will follow when we have a chance to upload them from our camera.


Cass said…
I'm so glad to hear that you arrived safe, with all your belongings, and without any crappy delays...I'm so excited to hear about your adventures and see the pictures!
darien said…
What a wonderful time for memory building! I'm looking forward to reading all about it (and thanks, God for safe travel!)
Carla said…
ohhh... yay! You're really there! I'm so glad you got there and enjoyed your first day, even though you were sleepy. :)
M said…
It all sounds beautifully awesome! I hope you guys have a safe fun-filled adventure!! :)
Kindra said…
I just read your post out loud to Steve and he is so jealous. When I read "toured the Guinness brewery" and "pub on every corner" his sighs became all big and lustful.