I know I have been quiet in this space lately.  No excuses.  I've just been absent.

I hope you celebrated a glorious Easter.  We enjoyed some time with family over the weekend and then celebrated with our church family on Sunday.  I had the great privilege of leading worship that morning and, as always, it's a blessing that personally adds so much depth and meaning to the celebrations surrounding the day.  Zoey wore a beautiful Easter dress and twirled and stomped to the music all morning.  It has truly been a beautiful batch of days.  The temperatures have been mild, and my LAWN is actually visible along the fringes.  We are relishing the warmth and the slow evidences that are hinting Spring is indeed on its way.

May you experience the deep joy of Christ's resurrected life!  Great love to you, each one.

PS:  I have a folder of half written posts that are comin' your way this weeksie.  In the mean time, how 'bout a little votsie?


Unknown said…
Aww cute eggs!
When I was at primary school we used to decorate eggs all the time. We even had competitions and I used to do tiny little angels with white gowns and everything! Egg decorating is a cute tradition that's slowly dying- and chocolate eggs just can't beat it!