A simply citrus DIY

There's nothing like the first warm breezes of spring that make you want to clean everything and have it all smell lemony fresh... including yourself.  My dear sister is nearing the end of her pregnancy and we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new little one to squish and smoosh with kisses.  I couldn't help but recall my own memories of the final days of being pregnant with Zoey.  You know, when you are entirely DONE with feeling like a house and being uncomfortable in every position.  Restless legs, restless EVERYTHING!  Sometimes all I could do was run a bath and just soak.  A couple weeks ago I was inspired by this recipe for a simple lemon sugar scrub and then I realized that I had everything on hand to make it.  The sugar exfoliates while the lemon soothes while the coconut oil smooths dry skin.  It is everything a pregnant lady needs to relax and rest and wait.

Overall my measurements were:
1 juice of lemon
the lemon zest from 2 lemons
2 cups of sugar (I wish I had raw sugar, but the refined sugar seemed to work fine)
2/3 cup of coconut oil
a couple Tablespoons of honey

I really just played it by feel and went for a consistency that I wanted.

A little jar went to our tub and another went to my sister and another went to the memory cap for when I open up that breezy bed and breakfast by the sea.  One can always dream.