Happy Valentine's Day all you lovey dovey loving folks out there!  It was a quiet and snugglie evening at home for us.  I came home from work to flowers, cards, and treats from my forever-Valentine.  We sipped wine, ordered in pizza, and Zoey smooshed strawberries into her hair, and it was lovely.

It's hard to believe Arden and I have spent 7 Valentine's Days together.  Did I tell you about what he did for our first V-Day together?  He wrote out all 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets and wrapped them in ribbon as a gift.  I kid you not.  What a man.

The life that we share isn't particularly outrageous but it is wonderful.  Tonight, Zoey leaned in for a smooch and smeared Reese Peanut Butter cup onto my face.  Then as I carried her off to bed she waved while saying, "Night, night!  See you soon!  Love you!"  Then Arden and I squished her in an extreme family hugging sandwich until she said, "NO Thank you!"

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! 


Cass said…
That is adorable. Zoey is such a little character!
Whenever Russ and I hug, Medea runs up, squeezes in between us and demands, "Medea hugs too!!"
Erika Britt said…
She is a hoot, to be sure! Zoey gives us a pouty face every time we smooch or hug and she is not involved!