Don't you read about wild animals with your pearls on?

January was a great month for digging into some of our goals for the New Year.  I've never thought much of new year's resolutions, but for some reason or another, this year it just felt right.  It's like I needed an extra nudge to kick-start some things.  2013, you are OUR YEAR! 

I am continually challenged by learning the ins and outs of my camera.  Sometimes when Zoey goes to bed I have go bonkers scouring the internet for new blogs full of design and photography and tutorials.  There are so many inspiring and creative people out there, you guys.  Seriously.  I encourage you to click on each one of these links and I'm quite certain you will gasp and grin and swoon just as much I have.

You Are My Wild
Diapers & Skinny Jeans
Bleu Bird
Sea, Field, & Tribe
Oana Befort
Minna May
Kinfolk Journal

Cheers to happy February days full of creativity.  Any new projects on the go, for you?  What do you find inspiring these days?