Remember that time I had a blog?  It has been a busy, intense, and sick time for us so pardon me while I temporarily abandoned this place.  If you follow me on Instagram these photos aren't new, but it's all I got right now.  So what have we been up to?  Well, we've been fighting illness, hanging out with family, fighting illness, hanging out with family, fighting illness, setting up house for Christmas, fighting illness, and living life together.  It certainly feels like these germs and bugs have made a full round through our home, three times over.  We are fighting back with vitamins and mugs of tea and lots of naps and disinfectant spray and everything we've got.  So far it hasn't been too heavy as to send us to the good doctor but it certainly has been wearing on us a little bit.  We are ready to enjoy this season with family but we would like healthy bodies, please!  There have been bright spots.  Like watching a little girl watch the snow gently fall outside.  Like having her little hands pat pat pat my face gently during an extra-early morning snuggle time in bed.  Like reading stories together first thing in the morning, coffee in hand for mama and a little tupperware bowl of cheerios for Z.  There have also been inconsolable baby moments, restless nights upon nights of sleep, and long long weary days.  But I am so grateful.  So grateful that we are able to keep on, keeping on together.  So grateful for a caring husband who listens quietly and intentionally.  So grateful for family to share warm meals and and special outings. 

I hope you are all faring well and embracing this special time of year.  I want to get better so that I can go skating and make snow angels and drink hot chocolate.  That is just what I want to do.