There is never an excuse to pass up an evening of laughter, good food, & wine with good friends, AmIright?  I got to leave the baby with her daddy-o, glam up with a skirt and lipstick, and linger with dear ladies well into the evening.  We shared appetizers (maple roasted brussel sprouts???  I can't even...), sipped wine and maybe a glass-or-two of St. Germaine (lychee tasting goodness), eased into our entrees, and then after a short breather topped off everything with dessert & coffees.  It was about then that we realized we were the last table remaining and had the run of the place.  What better time to set the self-timer on the camera and go nuts?  A lighthearted, warm, and uplifting night out was a welcomed gift at the end of a busy week.  The twinkle lights hovered over our heads and flickered off the windows.  The high ceilings embraced our loud laughs as we shrugged off worries after each and every bite.  Thanks friends!