Instagramin' 10.9.12

Wow, this week was a blur.  We have been keeping busy with the biggest snowfall ever uh of the year uh in awhile, a teething baby (she still only has 4 teeth but two of her first molars have popped up.  Really???), welcoming/enjoying/celebrating my parent's return, and a baby fighting a cold.   Yowzers.  That's how we do!  We've been making do with cozy meals at home, eggnog lattes, lots of mischief on the Zoey front (she may be sick, but she doesn't slow down), and little creative projects.  I am unveiling my photography website tomorrow so y'all come back ya hear?

This weekend, if the snow lets up a bit, we are going to hit the road to celebrate some more birthdays with family.  This party don't stop!

Stay safe, friends!


Heidi McMaster said…
So it was molars you were feeling! Crazy girl! :) Hope she beats this cold, and that the rest of you stay healthy!
Jenny said…
You take such beautiful pictures! I have dreams of doing so, but can never get my but in gear :) How do you find the time? Looking forward to seeing your photography website!
Erika Britt said…
Thanks Jenny! You should do it!!! I would love to see more of your pics! I don't get too much done during the day but lots of the editing I get done once Z has gone to bed. It's certainly a balancing act hey?