To B.C and back.

 We are back from our weekend trip and it was great.  All in all, Zoey did such a good job!  She did great at falling asleep in a new environment, napping on the go (or getting by with limited naps), and playing happily.  She made eyes and smiles and giggles at new faces and was just a hoot to be around.  Z can be a pretty easy-going gal and for 4 days out of her element (AND a time-change, AND daylight savings) she made this mama proud.  We had wonderful hosts who have been family friends since my childhood.  They were fully equipped with baby-gear and a cozy bed.  The 4 days were full of visits with friends and family, feasting, and much celebration.  I know all you mamas are nodding in affirmation with me: it is so much easier to have a good time when your baby is at ease.  Can I hear an Amen?

We were more than ready to get home to Arden but I was thankful for a mama-daughter adventure, all the same.

This week has a busy pace but we are keeping up.  It was a late night Sunday and then we were back to work Monday morning!  Oh my!  Z is easing back into her daily rhythm and she made me giggle when she awoke Monday morning and let out the most excited, "LOOK, AT MY STUFF!!!  THIS MY ROOM!!!" squeal.
 It  has been so wonderful to have my Mom and Dad home from Asia.  Sunday afternoon, Zoey fell asleep on her Bestefar's (Norwegian for Grandpa) shoulder and she has warmed my heart with the way she stretches out her hands for them and readily puckers her lips for a kiss.  Who can resist smooching this kid???

These days are full.  These days are good!

PS:  Hi to my American friends!  I know this is a big day for you!  I'd rather not dabble in political opinions so let's leave it at, "Wishing you the best!"