Hi friends!  I finally have my photography website up and running!  I would appreciate your thoughts on it but first some background:

*photography is still primarily a hobby for me.  I would like to start doing more family/infant portraits but right now it is still just "play."  So, all you professionals out there, go easy on me.
*for those that follow Little Red Hearts on Facebook,  my photography is going to be linked up with that.  Sorry.  No can change for you.  I don't want 2 separate pages, so this is how it's going to work for now.
*right now the tabs on the website are pretty sparse with photos.  I just wanted to put a snippet of my stuff and then the bulk of them are going to go in the posts that follow.
*anyone want to design a website for me for free?  I thought so.  Right now, I'm sticking with blogger because I know how to maneuver through those waters.
*any photographers (professionals and enthusiasts like me), I would appreciate any tips you can offer!

Alright that's it!  Add my link to your site and I will give you a cyber hug!

Click on the icon below to access the website!


Jenny said…
Looks great! I like the simplicity of the design.