An outing for one.

There are times when you feel like you have hit a wall.  Z has been in wee bit of a funk since she came down with a cold.  Today when I was 3 hours into a day of kicking and screaming and pushing and throwing and clawing and clinging combined with the fact that I hadn't even showered let alone had a sip of coffee let alone brushed my teeth, I kind of lost it.  I am by no means an introvert, but that was one mothering moment when I looked at Arden with pleading eyes that read, "I need one hour where no one is touching me or screaming at me or wiping their nose on me."  With it being a holiday Monday and him being the wonderful man that he is, he shooed me out of the house 2 hours earlier than when I would normally be heading out to work.  We have a wonderful local greenhouse that is kind of the IKEA of greenhouses: floor-to-ceiling windows, a wine bar, a beautiful Bistro, a natural goods grocery store, a cooking-tools store, a spa, and an elaborate gift shop.  Oh, and plants, lots of plants.  I took some time strolling through the isles of fresh poinsettias and lingered even longer over my kale coleslaw and butternut squash soup lunch.  2 hours.  It was a gift and more than enough time to be nourished in heart and soul.

If you live in the Edmonton area and haven't checked out the Lois Hole Enjoy Center, you need to remedy that now.  They were just putting up the Christmas decorations while I was there.  It's going to be dazzling in a few days.

Homemade food and breathing room, that was just what I needed.


Cass said…
Every parent needs some breathing room sometimes. I'm glad yours was poinsettia-scented today.
Erika Britt said…
Yup. True dat, mama!
Unknown said…
Your pictures are beautiful! How do I follow your blog?