Instagramin' 10/26

This week felt long (desperately so) and short all at once.  I felt like I was scrambling to keep up with a busy (non-napping, clingy, weepy) little one and yet here we are at Friday again?
1.) Zoey can get into the drawers in the bathroom and her newest favorite thing ever is to toss our extra toothbrushes into the tub.  2.) Big post-baby moment, I fit into my pre-baby jeans.  Huzzah!  3.) Taught music this week to some little ones.  4.) Found a brand-new wooden bi-plane in a thrift store.  It has my 1-year-old nephew's name all over it.  5.)  We stayed VERY caffeinated.  6.)  We made a family trip to Arden's Grandpa's house.  This was Zoey's sweet face as she waited for a cookie.
7.) I saw my brother and sis-in-law play some music and as usual, it was a good time.  8.)  I bought my first stick of red lipstick and I think I'm hooked.  9.)  It has been grey outside all week and it makes our home very dark but I kind of love the shadows it makes  10.)  It is definite soup weather in these parts.  I definitely had a pot simmering on the stove.  11.)  The thrifting sun shone upon me.  Is this not the cutest brass rocking horse?  12.) I had a little magical moment when it started to snow today.  Big soft flakes, falling softly to the ground, and a little girl that was absolutely giddy with it all.

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