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It has been cold and grey lately.  The chill in the air makes me feel like we are on the cusp of a considerable amount of snow, but so far there has only been a light dusting here and there.

It has been a challenging week to be a mama.  Long story short, Zoey's soother was about to bust and she won't take the new one.  The fallout of it all has resulted in our daughter self-weaning (rather angrily) herself from her nap-time/night-time soother.  It sucks (see what I just did there?).  Her night-time sleep has become restless and her naps more fickle than ever.  Today she napped for 30 minutes.  30 MINUTES!!!  The result of it all has been one weary mama and a baby that has been sad more often than happy.  It's a little tiresome when you are used to such a content little one.  The silver lining on it all, is that there have been some sweet moments.  When she is at the complete end of her rope she flops her dear little head onto my lap and looks up at me with this look that says, "I'm so glad you're here, Mom."  Yes, even when she is reduced to a wailing mess, I am so glad I get to care for her.  I just keep telling myself, "She is warm, she is safe, she is fed, she is loved.  Everything else will work out."  In the mean time, while we're traipsing through this rough baby-patch, I'm surviving with extra coffee and a few (granted, short) breather moments to myself when she does manage to zonk out.

Wine, anyone?


Heidi McMaster said…
I hear you there...some rough nights around here lately too. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend - we will have to share a few glasses of wine! (Considering I'll be 1 day post-Isaac's-surgery...I'm going to need it!!)

Oh, and I must say again - your photography is breathtakingly beautiful!
dear sweet erika,
you are such a lovely and beautiful mama. it is a hard life sometimes, but then oh so beautiful. sleep equals life. the end.
big hugs,
ps i miss you. lots.