get out of town

This Thursday morn Zoey and I are taking our first plane-ride solo (WAH!!!) out to the west-coast for my Mama's grad.  My dear Mom is gittin' her Masters and we are going to party!  I am excited for a little adventure with my little girl but I am wishing my forever-travel-buddy-husband could join us.  Can you believe, this will be his first time apart (for-more-than-a-day) from Zoey since her birth?  We just love doing this parenting-gig together. 

The flight is only 1.5 hours but it is still 1.5 hours of having an active baby strapped to my lap first thing in the morning.  I am going to be flying equipped with new peek-a-boo apps on my phone, a sippy cup of milk, and lots of snacks for good measure.  Any other tips you mamas have for traveling on your own with a wee one?  Z is not taking a soother any more and I'm a little uneasy that Thursday morning may be a rare day she screeches and arches her back right off my lap.  Here's hoping for an empty seat next to us?  Here's hoping for a slightly drowsy little girl that is content to sit with me for a crazy amount of time?.... HA!

Even if she shreds the inflight magazine to bits, we'll make it to beautiful British Columbia, that is for certain.

I can't wait for shared hugs with dear ones, a glimpse of the ocean blue, and an extra good reason to feast and celebrate.

 Hey friends, I'd love a little votie vote from you.  Thanks for your continued support of this little space!


Hi! I'm a new reader. :)

We flew with our daughter this past January from Texas to California. She did really well actually. I booked our flight there early and she slept through the majority of it. On our way back home our flight was later in the evening. She only slept through half of it, but we kept her pretty entertained with apps on my phone and games. When she got a bit restless we walked to the back of the plane so she could stretch out. I'm sure your little one will do just fine.

Still, good luck! I know it can be a pain traveling alone with a toddler. :)
Erika Britt said…
Hi and thanks for reading! Wow, that sounds like quite the long journey! Thanks for the tips! I am definitely equipping myself with apps on my phone because she stays very easily entertained that way! :)
Unknown said…
Hello Erika, I've been following you for awhile but rather silently. I've flown with my young, busy, kids and yes, snacks and distractions are the key! If you believe in meds baby Tylenol/Advil might not be a bad idea in case her ears react to the pressure changes, especially since she no longer has soother. Hopefully all goes well!