Baby Spaces

Well, we moved into our new home nearly 3 months ago and it feels like we are settling into our new space.  We are still renters at this stage in the game and this little house is the cat's pajamas.  Original hardwood, bright windows, recently renovated bathrooms, oh my!  Such a treat.  The biggest treat of all is that Zoey has her own room.  The loft-like nature of our room in our previous home was great during the early days with a new baby.  Close.  She was a step away to sooth and cuddle and it was great.  Until she started to grow and made it quite clear that she is a "put me to bed and do not disturb me" kind of gal.  Yup, Zoey is not a snuggle to sleep sweet-pea.  If you stir in your sleep, she stirs.  At our old place, Arden literally had to army crawl around her in the morning so as not to wake her and some mornings, the creak of the floor boards would result in an instantly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed baby.... and then she would be a wailing mess 1 hour later, because she wasn't done sleeping.

In our new home, Zoey's room is small and quaint and just right for her.  All of her furniture was gifted to us which left me free to find fun and artful accents. 
 1. frames & shelves: IKEA 2. dollhouse: Melissa & Doug 4. house shelf: thrifted & painted 5. blocks: Michael's
 6. bird hook: the Tin Box 7. birdhouse: Michael's 8. wall decals: Etsy 9. wooden letter/birdcage: gifted (Michael's I think) 10. curtains: IKEA 11. fabric-banner: crafted
It makes me grin when I find her rummaging through toys and baskets in her room.  There is something so warming when you see your little one contentedly at play.

Here was some of my inspiration for her space!
from left to right in rows:

1. curtains: IKEA 2. knitted mushroom: Anthro 3. owl print: Etsy 4. rabbit hook: Anthro 4. lamp: IKEA 5. Crates 6. fabric banner: Etsy 7. assorted letters: Anthro

Tomorrow is Friday, Huzzah!  We are looking forward to a quiet weekend at home.  What are you up to?