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 August was good to us.  It was such a treat to lurk in thrift stores, dollar stores, and home stores, with a chatty baby munching on crackers in a shopping cart and a crisp $5 bill to spend.  I do love a good deal or better yet, I love to make things.  Moving house, even just across the city, is always pricy.  We're definitely in a season of frugality and it is good.  Here are some of the projects that have sprawled onto our coffee table and living room floor during Zoey's naps and when she has been tucked into bed for the night.

I found the inspiration for this one on good 'ol Pintrest.  In our new place, we were without bulletin boards and our concert ticket stubs, postcards, and calendars were without a home.  The square cork boards came in a pack of two at Dollarama for $2.  I had some white acrylic paint on hand and used masking tape to make straight snazzy stripes.  Good?  Good.

Apartment therapy is where it's at for design inspiration; however, I have no moola for Anthropologie (and the like) outings.  Who knew there were adorable little plain wooden plaques at Dollarama???  I painted the stag one Sunday afternoon in the sun and I'm thinking I need to make more for Christmas presents.  $1!!!!  ONE DOLLAR!!!  CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS!!!!            

I think there's a pattern going on here: ONE DOLLAR!!!  

This next project was a little more time consuming.  In our last home, our dressers were stashed in a walk-in closet, out of sight.  This dresser was my grandparents' and they are sturdy and well-made; but maybe in need of a little fresh coat of paint.  They had some gold nobs that could've impaled someone and were a very vintage light olive color.  One trip to Home Depot and I had a new can of paint and darling glass nobs.  It took a couple chunks of "your baby is napping, now get to work!" but it sure feels good to make over an old piece of furniture for far less than it costs to brand new. 

Any home projects on the go in your house?

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