M is for....

I cannot really communicate how life-changing it is to have a mobile baby.  It took 11 months for Zoey to get the hang of crawling and sometimes the twinkle in her eye says, "This is what I've been waiting my WHOLE LIFE to do.  Look at me go!"  She is quick.  Busy is an understatement.  Sometimes I wait until she's playing in the other room to start cooking supper so that I don't have to fish a baby out of the fridge.  Having a single-level house has been GOOD.  So far we haven't had too many stairs mishaps and we do not have a single baby-gate.  Most days, she makes her rounds from room to room, unpacking drawers and shelves.  If I don't want something completely dismantled, the door stays shut.  I didn't "baby-proof" all that much until the 1000th time I was putting things back in cupboards.  Hmmm, maybe a couple baby locks would be handy.  As much as I feel like I'm constantly tripping on blocks, and picking things up off the floors during nap-time, it has been the most fun couple of months with Z.  Mischief is the name of her game.  We have daily laughs and her mischievous giggle is the best.  I love the "pat-pat" sound of her hands approaching and the cute swish of her diaper bum as she takes off, determined as ever.  There have been a couple of messy findings.  Some pictures that didn't make the cut were the Vaseline and potted plant episodes.  Yes, there are instances that you just cannot waste time taking pictures... or you may have a greasy finger painting to tidy up.  Even while writing, all was quiet and I suddenly remembered the poopy diaper that I left on top of the diaper pail.  I sprang out of my chair, thinking, "this could be bad."  Thankfully, Z was too busy with her clothes in the laundry hamper.  Crisis averted.  This time.


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