a little diy!

This was a pretty fun and easy diy during Z's nap-time.  It involves a strand of yarn and some spare fabric scraps that you may have tucked away.  Yup, if you're just laying around trying not to cough on everything, this is the craft for you.  Pretty much, just rip or cut the fabric into strips, the length of your choice.  Mine ended up being about 1/2 " thick and 3" long.  Tie the strips into single knots along the yarn.  The closer together the knots, the bunchier it will look (but it certainly takes more time to make).  It looks sweet and simple in Zoey's room.  I'm a fan.  If I have oodles of crafting time on my hands, I just might make some more for my Christmas tree garland... but that's getting a little too far ahead.

Happy Monday worker-bees!


Lecinda said…
oh this is so cute! It's the little things like this that can add the perfect final touch to a room :)
Anonymous said…
I love your blog!!
Erika Britt said…
Hello, new friends! Thank you for reading!