It's been awhile since I participating in Harper's Happenings Thrifting Thursday but I did meander through Good Will on my way home from work yesterday and found some things.  Board books and wooden toys for Zoey, and a cute little top for myself!  Not bad at all!

Arden's first comment when I showed him the goods?  "Stop Good-Willing."

I'll have you know, those board books are $10 brand new.  Good Will, you are my favorite.


Wendy Lady said…
The little toys are amazing, especially the piano! I'm in need of some thrifting luck, I can't find anything lately. You hit the jackpot it seems!
ZOMG never stop Goodwill-ing!
Jessica G. said…
Those toys are amazing. And thrifted books are my favorite. Most of them look brand new.