It was my birthday!

Last weekend (on Father's Day to be precise) it was my 28th birthday!  Good grief how did 28 years zip by?
 A Canon Rebel T3i baby!  I had been saving a touch of my teaching money since the spring and then for my birthday, Arden pitched in the remainder that was needed.  I could not be more thrilled with it.  I went back and forth between a Nikon and Canon but in the end, the Canon just seemed like a more financially practical choice.  It has been a steep learning curve but I'm trying my best.  To cap things off, my wonderful family bought me Photoshop Elements.  I tell you, there is nothing but photographic wizardry these days in my house!  There is still so much to learn in both camera and editing camps, but I'm still squealing over the amazing quality of shots this thing takes.  I have literally been crawling on my hands and knees through my garden in the evening to get some splendid pics. 
 This year, my birthday celebrations were simple and perfect.  Before my parents returned to Asia my grandmother treated us all to a meal out and my Mom baked the most magnificent pumpkin pie for dessert.  Pumpkin pie has been my birthday "cake" for as long as I can remember.  Then, over the weekend, Arden and I tag-team celebrated my birthday and Father's Day.  We sipped beers on the patio, went for walks as a family, made a Saturday morning pancake breakfast, and consumed lots of BBQ.  It was just special to be together.

Now, I can hardly believe another weekend is upon us.  My student's recital is tomorrow and so the week has felt busy with preparations.  Yesterday however, the weather was too gorgeous not to be outside and so we took Zoey to our neighborhood spray park for the first time.  My little girl, she's a timid one.  She KIND OF come around to it, but it was mostly a whole lot of this: 
 Oh and guess what FINALLY (for the freaking 4th time) popped up?  I am pleading with the universe to let them stay this time.  No more teeth games please!
Well, that has been our week!  What have you been up to?