10 months


Last week Zoey officially turned 10 months old.  It feels her growth has been on fast-forward over the past couple of months.  Goodness gracious, a child's development is SO speedy.  I can hardly believe she is this close to her first birthday.  From about the 6 month-mark to now, it has felt like the baby days are closing in on little-girl days.  She is communicating and imitating and moving and eating and, and, and....

At 10 months Zoey:
*learned how to say, "Hi!" and it is THE MOST precious thing ever.  At costco, at home, in her crib, she loves to chat.
*continues to play with her voice.  I just have a feeling, despite my deep-down desire for her to love music, that Zoey is going to love singing.  Throughout the past couple of weeks she will hum constantly while she plays, while she gets her diaper changed, while she goes for a ride in the stroller, while she's in the bath.  I sure hope songs continue to freckle her days.
*has officially left her nursing days behind her.  The nursing battle-front was probably the only major struggle of new-parenthood with Zoey.  I'm proud I gave it an honest 9-month effort but I was more than ready to pack the pump and let Good Start carry her through the rest of her bottle-days.  She has never been sick, is growing strong, and is certainly a happy smiling girl.  We could not be more grateful and if anyone tells me I didn't try hard enough, I will smack them.  Nursing can be a tremendous joy in motherhood but that being said, breastmilk is still not laced with super-powers and neither is formula poison.  As Moms we must just feed our babies as best we can.  So to those of you who have been successful, I give you a hearty high-five and to those of you that nursing did not come easily if at all, you have still done a magnificent job in mothering your child.  
*Is not crawling yet but is on the move!  She will scoot on her bum, push herself backwards on her belly, turn in circles, and has even "planked" on her knees a couple of times.  If she is sitting in the kitchen she will open drawers and cupboards and keep herself thoroughly busy.
*is learning sign-language!  She has "more" down to a science but is a little more fickle with "please" and "all done."
*has started to be a little more anxious in new situations.  A new face or a loud group of people will send her hands around my (or her Daddy's) neck.  She has also started reaching for us when she wants "up" or has had enough.  It sure warms this Mama's heart.

We are looking forward to some days in the sun with this one!