Zoey Grace Kiss Your Face

Have you heard of picmonkey?  Seriously, I just found it last week after picnik closed down and I.  AM.  HOOKED.  I would love to one day afford photo-shop and maybe even upgrade to an SLR camera but in the mean-time, picmonkey does the job y'all.

What was forecast to be a rainy day turned into a sunny-day/rainy-evening.  So, before afternoon nap-time, Zoey and I slipped into the backyard for a little spring photo-shoot.  It started with her on the grass but that lasted about 0.1 seconds before she inhaled a leaf.  Alright, lawn-chair it is.  I just love these photos so much.  Have I mentioned how CUTE my daughter is?  Seriously.

Well the pork-loin is marinading, the Friday beer is in a frosted mug, and my Zoey is still napping.  Hello weekend.


YES! i have heard PicMonkey and I also used it. nice pic editor right. That little girl so cute. :)