Zoey 9 months

Zoey is 9 months old.  Really?  No, really?  We can hardly believe it.  38 weeks ago we were at home with a fresh newborn.    Zoey arrived 2 weeks early and so she has officially been outside the womb longer than she was inside.  We couldn't be happier with this little one in our lives.  It is true what they say, the days can seem long but time moves swiftly. 

At 9 months Zoey

*is a chunker.  She eats well let me tell you!  Lately, in her young eating career, she has only been content being spoon-fed SMOOTH pureed food (anything else and she would give me the most pitiful gag) but a couple weeks ago I plopped some puffed rice on her tray and she hasn't looked back since.  Every time she shoves them in her mouth she gives me the greatest, "See me Mom?  I'm feeding MYSELF!" look.
*is very busy and is showing signs of wanting to get on the move; however, she gets very easily frustrated on her belly.  If you plop her on her tummy she immediately starts fussing and will push herself backwards.  More than once she has shimmied herself into a corner.  Nope.  She is more than content to sit and play.  She is a sturdy sitter but more than once she has toppled over backwards which has made for a traumatized Zoey.
*gave her Mama her first patch of grey hair.  I think it is inevitable that all babies take a tumble of some sort, I just did not expect it this early.  Well, I'll just say it.  Zoey fell off the change table.  While getting her dressed one morning, I had my hand firmly on her thigh and turned to grab her shirt and in the blink of the eye she was falling.  Thankfully I caught her and she seemed more annoyed that she ended up on her tummy in my hands then that she actually fell from over 3 feet in the air.  Seriously, dear child.  Please don't do that.
*still has not gotten sick.  Not even a cold.  It could be all the mama's milk she has had or it could just be luck of the draw.  Regardless, we are so grateful for 9 months with a healthy, lively, and energetic little girl.
*is settling into her own little personality.  Probably more than ever, we are noticing how she is taking notice to the world around her and responding to it in ways that are so unique to her.  She has officially started dishing out faces that are hilarious.  She knows how to shake her head and nod like she's saying "yes", yet when she has no idea what she's actually doing, it's funny to watch.  She does a cheeky little grin that utilizes all the muscles in her little face and she has just started puckering her lips and making her face all scrunched up when she's frustrated.  She is dramatic and a little bit of a ham when she is around other people.  I think we have an extrovert on our hands.
*will happily go to sleep when we are out as a family for the evening!  I don't know if it was persistence or somebody flicked a switch.  We bring her blanket and little doll that she sleeps with and go through the night-time routine.  When her eyes start to get droopy, we lay her on a nearby bed and she happily goes to sleep.  It has been nice to linger in friend's homes for the evening and still have a content baby around.    


Dia said…
Oh My God . Adorable , she's really sweet :)