together forever

It was my first Mother's Day and it was good, so good.  It certainly was nothing extravagant but a lovely special day in the sun.  As fresh as motherhood still feels, I felt celebrated by my husband and found myself glowing with pride, each and every time I looked at Zoey.  She is my first-born and she has made me a mother and I could not be more grateful.

That morning, I was treated with a little bit of a sleep-in and when I shuffled downstairs there were gifts, fresh croissants, a mug of coffee, a bleary eyed smiling husband, and a munchkin awaiting me at the kitchen table.

After a short snooze for Z, we made our way to church and immediately following it was time to get out to enjoy the summer's day.  The sun was shining and the baby giggled and chatted away in her stroller.  We strolled along Whyte Ave and made a pit stop at Starbucks for a cold bevvy.  After a long afternoon nap (for Z that is), we packed up the cooler, packed up the baby, and biked to the park for our first picnic of the year.  The evening was breezy and warm and positively gorgeous.

  The day was simple and ordinary and wonderful; however, I certainly missed my own Mom.  She has gracefully modeled motherhood for me with much care and kindness.  Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, you are treasured.  What a special task it is to mother our children.