I've been lurking in thrift stores again.  Mostly after I'm done teaching violin for the evening.  Seriously, there is something so calming about quietly trolling through the aisles in hunt of a deal.  I thought I would join in with a fun thrifting challenge over at Harper's Happenings called HOTT (High On Thrifting Thursday).  I know, I'm going to be right at home. 

Such great board-book finds for Zoey, I couldn't believe it!

Every time I cook a turkey (which, let's get real, has only been like 2 times) I'm in need of a decent gravy boat.  Score.

New strappy sandals that aren't going to hold my overly swollen pregnant feet this summer!

Well, there you have it!  Kind of odds and ends this trip, but treats all the same!  
Grab the code if you want to jump in as well!