For awhile now, it has felt like we are on the cusp of spring then today I awoke to a fresh dusting of snow.  However, one short jaunt around my small yard with my camera showed that spring is still pressing in.  Thank goodness.

I guess I was in need of a short blogging-break.  Things are going well in the Kobewka house-hold.  Busy, but well.  In case you needed a reminder, Zoey continues to grow and make us squeal daily with her utter cuteness.  Seriously.  How does a soul like this resist being squeezed a billion times a day?
In other news, Arden and I are diving into some healthy habits.  Maybe it's the shift in seasons but we're suddenly taking notice that we've felt pretty sluggish during the winter months.  It feels like it's time to get active and maybe make a couple adjustments in our eating habits.  I'm debating whether or not I can brave a race this summer.  And if I am confident, I might even push Zoey in the jogging stroller.  We will see.

I've been treated with a couple evenings out that have been fabulous but have made me only more happy to return home to my loves.  I hope spring is erupting in your home as well.  Happy weekend everyone!