8 months

At 8 Months Zoey

* Is a sturdy and steady sitter.  She increasingly loves to play on her own (as long as someone is within her line of vision).  Surround her with pillows and toys and she is happily playing for 15-20 minutes.
* Has graduated to a booster-seat.  Everyday she is eating a substantial amount of pureed food and is still as eager as ever.  She still has no teeth (besides a little bump on the bottom that hasn't cut through yet) so her food is super smooth and texture-less.  She almost has the hang of a sippy cup, but it is still more of a sucking game than anything.  Every once in awhile we'll give her a carrot to gnaw on...  Whatever gets us through the dinner-hour.
* Is busy!  This is probably the most noticeable development I've noticed since last month.  She is not crawling yet but she will nosedive off your lap to reach the nearest thing if you don't have your hands around her.  Grab, grab, grab.  That's what she does all day long.  She has managed to uproot a plant and almost had it into her mouth before we noticed.
* Is mischievous and had her first pseudo-meltdown.  I was changing her diaper and as usual she was keeping busy with the lotion bottle.  When I was done and took it away, she promptly burst into angry tears and started kicking madly.  Um.  Where did you learn that?
* Has mastered the fake cough and cry.  It goes like this: cough, cough, COUGH [dramatic pause while staring at you].  COUGH!  The fake cry goes like this: rapid panting followed by a wide open mouth and scrunched up face. 
* Still loves to sleep with her blankets over her face.  Most of the time we can just put her in her cradle and she will immediately pull the blankets up over her face and drift off to sleep.  We have been treated with a baby that continues to sleep so well at night-time for which we are grateful.  Most mornings she doesn't wake up until 8am.  Can I get a hallelujah?
* She has started to share her secrets.  No, really.  Sometimes when sitting on our laps, she will get all close to our faces and start "whispering" baby talk.  It takes the cuteness factor way over the top and makes my heart explodes a little bit.
* Is showing us more and more of her little personality.  This girl is absolutely amazing.  She still loves to be sung to and will sometimes chirp along while her Daddy plays piano or guitar.  She will also coo along to the music at church.  She is feisty and sensitive.  Stubborn and gentle.  Boisterous and delicate.  The line between chill and over-the-top panicking is sometimes very minimal.  This girl is all or nothing with everything.  She either is awake or TIRED, starving or HAD ENOUGH, stoked about life or BORED OUT OF HER TREE.  At least she makes it obvious for us, the clumsy parents.

We certainly couldn't love you more if we tried, sweet Zoey.


Anonymous said…
i have a little 8 month old zoey, too! :) she turned 8 months on april 25th. your zoey is absolutely adorbs! they are so precious, eh?