weekend iphone

This weekend was full.  And good.

On Friday, Zoey and I went on a short road-trip to visit family and giggle over two cousins that I think finally noticed each other.  I think they are going to be buds.  On Saturday I got out to the thrift store and found some clothes to add to Zoey's summer stash and some books to add to her library.  99 cents each for a Barbra Reid, Mem Fox, and one from my childhood!  Neat!  That evening, Arden and I escaped leaving Zoey in the wonderful hands of a babysitter.  Nothing too wild, just a couple of hours out to see a friend perform.  On Sunday, Arden treated me with an afternoon away to craft and do artful things!  Some friends invited me on a glass etching adventure.  I got Zoey's name etched on a little glass jar and a friend had some gorgeous old windows that were for the taking.  Peeling paint and everything!  It was glorious.  I'm not sure if you can tell by the picture, but I was able to get a giant K etched on it.  I just love it.

Happy beginning of the week!  It's Spring Break for some of my violin students so that means more time at home and more time with Miss Z.

See ya around!