vintage, vintage, vintage!

I don't know if I've ever shared that I love thrifting.  LOVE it.  I love finding a deal and a new nicknack.  I must say that our thrift stores are a little sparse in this city.  Ever since Value Village got expensive.  Honestly, who pays $15.99 for a USED throw pillow.  Not I.  Nope, Good Will has my heart now.  Here are my finds from this week:

This bunny used to be brown and had red eyes.  It was scary looking.  A fresh coat of white paint and it looks darn cute in Zoey's nursery. 

And what I didn't post is that I found 3 pairs of pants for Zoey and 3 new books all for $1.99 a piece.  Score! 

This weekend we are escaping to the mountains.  Well, Arden is going to the mountains.  This man has been itching to snowboard all winter.  I will be drinking copious amounts of homemade lattes while Zoey hams it up with friends.  Oh, did I mention that girl only slept 45 minutes all day?  Mercy.  Hence the lattes.

Be well out there!


Jo @ To a Pretty Life said...

That bunny is adorable! You should check out the Hope Mission Thrift Store (91st Street, just north of Ellerslie). I don't know about the clothes, but I've found a few decor treasures there ;-)

Cass said...

I have no luck when it comes to thrifting. I definitely admire those who can find such great things. Although, baby and kids clothing is easier to come by. I think that bunny looks great after it's makeover. Hopefully Zoey's naps become a bit more consistent, though homemade lattes are delicious.