simple days

Some days I relish the rhythms of these simple times.  I wake up each morning to the coos and giggles of my little girl.  After she has breakfast I put her on her blanket to kick and play and we laugh together, exchanging morning grins while I sip on a coffee.  I love the simple pleasures of having a child.  Making lunch with a girl sitting at my heels.  Putting in another load of laundry while I hear squawks from her exersaucer upstairs.  Watching Zoey sit on my bed while I put on makeup in the bathroom.  Working on small projects while she naps.  Some days it feels like I don't get much done but it's the small tasks of living together that make life so full and wonderful.  Some days I imagine a house full of children: laughter, fits, and fighting.  The works.  Some days that seems overwhelming.  But these days are good.  They are good.  They are good.  


Mom2boys said…
I love my "simple days" with my boy too. Such a happy beautiful time. I wish I had more hours in the day to spend with him. Keep on enjoying life. We are blessed!
Abby said…
I just came across your blog and love it! Your baby is darling!
I love those simple days. It seems that as my son gets older the days become more hectic. Soak it up while it lasts!
Erika Britt said…
So happy to meet you both! Thanks for reading!