Happy Monday

Well, the weekend got away from me and here we are at Monday.

Friday ended in a funk with 2 hours of a baby screaming. It was downright bizarre. When I peeked upstairs after she *finally* went down for a nap she was still sniffling in her sleep. By Saturday, Zoey seemed to have put the past behind her and was her sparkly self. It was a great day of getting some things done around the house, snuggling on the couch with a cup of coffee and my bestie (husband, that is), and even popping out as a family for a grocery shop. Zoey cooed and smiled at passing people and drooled all over herself. It was great. Sunday was an all round busy day. Church-days are such long days for babies. I've got to hand it to Zoey for how well she does, all things considered. She even smoked her head on a plastic slide while getting roughly handled by a 7-year-old. Oh dear.

And Monday? I've kind of felt like I've been on a holiday all day. Zoey slept in until 9am (thank-you daylight savings?!) had a 3 hour nap and has been giggling and chatting all day. I will take that, thank you very much! Today, she even rolled all the way from her back to her tummy. I instantly started clapping and going nuts and she knew in a second she had done something brilliant as she started laughing to herself.... Then she got stuck and didn't like it very much. But, HIGH FIVES to 'ma girl!

Yup, there is no "case of the Mondays" around here. Today was down-right great. All you day-light savings grouchy pants can go complain elsewhere because I will darn well marinade in this extra day-light. Happy Monday to all!