7 months

  At 7 Months Zoey

*is sitting up by herself more and more.  It is the most precious and heartbreaking thing.  I can hardly believe she is 7 months old!  She used to just curl up on my shoulder.  Now she rips my glasses of my face (if I let her) squeals when she's excited and chats constantly with us!  She has face-planted a couple of times but there are no detrimental injuries to report!
*finally rolled onto her tummy from her back.  Watch out world!  She just did it yesterday and was so stoked about it, she did it again today.  Both times she gets quite frustrated after a little while, but it's the cutest thing to hear her giggle away after a great accomplishment.
*is getting harder and harder to put down for a nap/bed-time when we are out and about.  I think our dinner outings will be fewer in the near future.  She is certainly aware of her surroundings and will not be put to sleep while a party is going on.  She would rather wail and flail and be grossly tired than miss anything.
*is a chatter box!  Her favorite syllable is "da-da-da-da" and she will just carry on all day like that.  Arden is convinced she is saying "daddy".  Don't think so.
*she is not outgrowing her uneasiness with loud noises.  I was just outside the room last night while she was falling asleep and happened to sneeze.  That sent her wailing, poor girl.

If you only read my blog, I haven't been sharing my weekly photos of Zoey.  It's a fun little project I have constantly on the go.  Every week (since she was 10 weeks) I've been taking photos of her on the blanket I crocheted for her while pregnant.  I'm working up quite the stash and each one just makes me smile!


You are clearly in denial. She looks at me and says "da-da". I don't know how it gets any clearer than that.