I have been told that Zoey looks a lot like me.  There certainly are some Arden genes in there and sometimes they are only in a simple look, but they are there. 

The days continue to go so quickly.  Yesterday Zoey sat up by herself for a long time.  She looked so grown up, like she was practically ready for college.  It's funny how the days can sometimes feel so long and similar.  Feed the baby, change the baby, make supper, clean the house, bathe the baby, play with the baby, collapse on the couch.  Yet, when that child of yours does something new, you're suddenly scrambling to take it all in. 

Yesterday Zoey cried for 10 minutes straight when I tried to put her down for a nap.  Then, when I just couldn't stand having a crying child anymore, I picked her up and she gave me the biggest, "I win" grin.  10 minutes later I tried putting her down again and she threw a fit.  It came completely out of nowhere.  She cried so hard she was practically dry-heaving.  Dear child.  Napping should not be this hard.  A little snuggle and she was out like a light.  Seriously.  Whoever is jerking my daughter's chain, stop it.

Sometimes her personality is crystal clear.  Sometimes it's a guessing game.  I know one day I will have a babbling person sitting next to me at the kitchen table laying it out straight and thick exactly what she is feeling.  Until then, we try our best and Zoey certainly makes it clear what her needs are.  I have been dished out my fair share of,
"You maniac, I have a poopy diaper.  Duh."
"AAAAhhhggg get me 'outta here.  Why did you bring me here?"
"You want to feed me those pureed peaches?  No THANKS!"
"Um.  No way you're putting me to bed."
"What.  Are.  You.  Doing?"

I am becoming increasingly aware that we named our child the best fitting name in the universe.  I can probably count on fingers and toes the amount of strangers that have exclaimed upon hearing her name, "Oh my word, she is a Zoey."