Family Days

 Well another week has come and gone.  Zoey is as cute as ever but it feels like we have been fighting the nap-time battle.  There have been moments of, "Yes, for the zillionith time, my dear, 45 minutes is not enough."  A couple days ago, I walked in on her happily chirping to herself, one sockless foot in the air, blankets kicked off.  I ask you, can you be mad at this face?

 We are enjoying this long weekend and taking it easy - taking time to make delicious meals, running a few errands, watching Season 1 of the Mentalist, and playing on the floor with Zoey.  Lots of playing.

 She's started to suck in her bottom lip and make funny faces.  It's the cutest thing ever and hilarious.

Happy days to you, each one.