Nap-time meals

I didn't think I was a pulled pork kind of gal.  They are messy and gooey and too much like sloppy joes for my liking.  That was until I was introduced to this recipe:  Pulled Pork Taco[sandwiches].  This is a gem of a slow-cooker recipe.  Really, truly.  There are 5 ingredients that you must remember.  Salsa, cocoa, oregano, chili powder, meat.  And then you just walk away for oh, 6-8 hours.  Seriously, I feel like high-fiving someone every time I make this.  Which has only been, like, two times, but still.  How easy can it get?  Throw together a salad and you have dinner on the table.  For a husband that is part carnivore, this is a hit. 


It's the best. Winter or summer. Such goodness in the crockpot! High 5 sister!