Nap-time meals

As a mom of a young infant, time suddenly becomes measured in 3-4 hour increments and nap-time is the prime time to get some tasks accomplished.  More than ever, I am on the look-out for quick meals that are satisfying, healthy, and ready in a snap.  Every week I'd like to share some meals that have been a success and are quick to prepare.  Are you ready?

Before the holidays, my sister gave me the heads-up on a Thai soup that was super easy to make and delish!  Google yielded a Real Simple Thai soup that took 20 minutes to make and was a warm meal to share on these cold days!

Here is the link to the recipe I used: Spicy Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup

The only alterations I made were:
*I did not bake the sweet potatoes because let's admit it, 50 minutes is almost the entirety of nap time and I still have to have a shower and throw in a load of laundry.  Nope, throw it all in the pot and then at the very end take a potato masher to it all.
*I garnished it with chowmein noodles for some crunch and Thai basil.

I would probably cut down on the Thai curry a little bit next time, but Zoey hardly noticed so I guess I'm in the clear.  Perfect. 


Heidi McMaster said…
Looks delicious! I'll have to try that. Did you use the toasted sesame oil at the end? I don't have any, and was wondering how important it is to the overall flavor.
Erika Britt said…
Nope, I didn't use any sesame oil and it was still packed with flavor!