5 months small

*Zoey had her 4.5 month check-up and she is thriving.  She is in the 90th percentile across the board (I think she's going to be tall) and is just over 16 pounds.  High five mama's milk.  I am now officially a milk making machine.  Will she take it from me?  Ha!  Only when she prefers.  I'm calling it the first fruits of her Norwegian/Polish stubborn genes.  This breastfeeding adventure is not quite what I had envisioned but I am grateful she is a happy and healthy growing girl.  We had some bumps in the road at the beginning so I cannot blame her for getting used to the bottle and actually preferring it.  Nursing was a point of anxiety from the get-go.  Arden frequently walked in on a teary eyed Erika (hello hormones!) as Zoey happily slept.  She was much too sleepy to nurse and her hunger cues were barely a peep.  All the while, I continued to freak out that my baby was starving herself to DEATH (again, hello hormones!).  Now, we have a method and a rhythm that works for us and a swath of courage and tips for the next time in the (FAR) future that we may have another newborn on our hands.  In the mean time, my pump = super buddy.

*Zoey continues to roll over from her tummy to back but only goes half way from her back to her side.  All in due time, all in due time.

*She was chomping at the bit to eat and so we have begun real-food purees!  She is a little bird and gets so excited as the spoon nears her mouth.  So far we have tried yogurt, bananas, sweet potatoes, and peas and they were all a hit.  That being said, you know exactly when she is done as she's mastered an affective way of letting me know (cue Zoey clamping her mouth shut and turning away).

*We had some fussy evenings this month (example: not sleeping a wink at her Auntie and Uncle's house one evening over Christmas) but I think we are finally in the swing of a sleeping rhythm for which we are grateful.  She generally wakes up bright and happy with coos and sighs somewhere between 8-9 most mornings (yup, the healthcare nurse's jaw dropped when I told her that) and the nights of Arden pacing our floors with an overtired Zoey are fewer and farther between.  She still continues to play fickle sometimes if Arden is on his own with her during the evenings that I teach for a couple of hours.  Even as I write this, she is sound asleep in her car-seat in our study.  Whatever works.

*We were treated with some babysitting friends so that Arden and I could have a night out over the holidays.  Zoey was a gem which made me beam.

*There is no new-born left in her.  She is a baby, through and through.  She loves the exersaucer and gets a look of deep concentration as she plays with the toys that surround her.  She continues to show us streaks of determination and is certainly showing her feisty colors.  The dangling toys from her chair are almost going to get packed away because most of the time she gets instantly frustrated when she cannot hold them a certain way.  I have the feeling she may be a "freak out first, then ask for help" little person.  Her laughter continues to come easily and she smiles even when she's upset.  I was nursing Zoey in the mother's room at the mall over the holidays and a new mom asked me what my daughter's name was.  "She looks just like a Zoey," she exclaimed upon hearing my answer.  She certainly is a Zoey.  Life : unruly, determined, headstrong, and messy yet overwhelmingly beautiful, vibrant, and tremendously joyful.


so sweet!!!! cute baby!