4 Months Small

At 4 months Zoey:

*loves toys.  They are fun to hold and shake and stick as far into her mouth as possible.  Sometimes she gets frustrated by bigger toys because she just cannot stick them completely down her throat.
*is laughing.  There are not just things to smile about, some things are stinking hilarious.
*much to her introverted father's chagrin, is a full on extrovert.  She simply cannot nap if there is company downstairs and would much rather sit on a lap and grin at her new friends.
*just started to roll over.  Perhaps it is her dislike for tummy-time but she has just started to push herself from her tummy to her back.
*knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't like: much to her mama's chagrin she is a little bit choosy as to when or where or how she nurses.  Sometimes, the little turkey will wail and flail until she gets her mama's milk through the bottle.... BUT, high five that I'm making enough milk for Zoey, the turkey that she is.  Even as I type, she woke up from her nap and pulled the blanket over her face and then decided that she didn't like that.  I pushed the blanket away and she went happily back to sleep.
*is a little bit of a mama's girl and can play shy to a new face or have trouble settling down in her papa's arms.
*may be an early eater.  She is eager to sit at the table during meals and will sometimes fuss if I am eating something in front of her.  Not yet little Zoey, not yet.
*is still a great night-time sleeper.  A couple of times she has even slept in until after 8am.
*always sleeps with her hands up near her face, just like when she was first born.
*loves to be sung to or serenaded with an instrument.  This week she spent the whole music time in church just staring and listening.


Theresa said…
Zoey is soo sweet I can barely handle it! And her little top is the cutest ever!
Heidi McMaster said…
She is SO adorable! I wish I could meet her in person! :) I love that you're keeping track through your blog of what she does and likes/doesn't like. You forget those things way too easily!
Anonymous said…
a very cute baby :)