A space of her own.

Zoey's nursery is complete (for now).  I love how there are so many hand chosen/crafted things.  Many of the artwork was picked out or made especially for her.  I just love that.  It is a cozy space and close enough to our living space that it is easy to hear her coos when she wakes up from her nap.  Have a peek:

The crib set was passed on from my sister-in-law's young family.  It works great!

One can never have too many owl prints right?

The fireplace has made her naps so warm and snuggly.

The little red rocking chair was mine when I was young, and I can't wait until she can use it herself.

The Asian forest animal paper cuts were specifically ordered by my parents overseas.  I just love them.

Zoey has a growing library and we've busted out some of the board-books already.  So far she just likes to bat at the pages.