3 Months Small

At 3 months Zoey is:

*About 2 weeks ago I think the interactive button was turned on.  Since then our little Zoey has so much to say!!!  She continually gives us huge smiles and is quite the loud coo-er.  I don't know if this means we have a singer on our hands or a storyteller... or both!
*Batting at toys and starting to reach for things.  Bright lights and colorful fabrics and toys still have her enamored.
*Following us around the room with her eyes.  Some times she will fuss until we come around the corner to let her know we're still around.
*Has a sensitive heart.  Sometimes a sneeze or a new face she hasn't seen before will set her bottom lip quivering.
*Had a couple weeks of tummy troubles in the evenings.   It was certainly hard on Mommy and Daddy's hearts to hold an inconsolable baby.
*Traveling like a pro.  Last week she went on her first plane ride.  We made it, although there were moments when we were the token parents rocking back and forth in our seats with a crying baby.  She did well and even still loves her poor Mama that tried to change her diaper on a toilet seat during turbulence.


dear arden and erika. please tell zoey she is one of the cutest babies in the whole wide world. much love, jenny xo.
Jen said…
oh Erika I feel for you with the changing on a toilet seat in a bumpy airplane! I had to do that with Beth and she screamed at me the whole time :( What is up with planes not ALL having a change table???