2 months small.

At 2 months:

Zoey is growing, growing, growing. She was 11lb. 13 oz. at her last weigh-in and the proof is in her little cheeks and third chin that is delicately tucked under two others. Despite her busting out of her newborn onsies, she is still tucking her face into the side of my neck when she is sleepy and I carry her upstairs for the night. She fits snuggly on my chest when she wants to be cozy and close, but I must say, she's getting HEAVY. Go Zoey.

She gives us sweet smiles daily and has even begun to coo and chuckle. It is almost just too much to handle. On the flip side, she has also mastered the art of her grumping, frantic, upset, angry, and "I'M WASTING AWAY, FEED ME!" voice. Yes, those vocal chords can sing.

She has treated us with a couple weeks of sleeping until 7am most mornings. Bless you, dear girl.

She continues to get more and more interactive by the day. Her eyes will follow us across the room and many mornings after naptime, I am greeted with a "Hi Mom!" grin. The swing is a hit and the chair that vibrates is super fun in Zoey-land. If you want to witness the look of pride on a baby, just wait until she poops. "Yup, I did THAT," is written all over her face.