Here we are.

The past few days have been full of dear faces. We have certainly been blessed by the gathering of family and friends to celebrate and love on us in unique and overwhelming ways.

We are a mere 2 weeks away from our baby's due-date yet I am measuring at 40.5 weeks. So there seems to be 2 options:

1. Hang out for 14+ days, watch myself grow past 20 billion weeks pregnant and hopefully rock it.
2. Have this sweet baby any day.

We are a bundle of excitement and nerves and like to trapeze between those 2 trees at all times. The car-seat has been installed and we daily get our minds blown whenever a glance wanders to the rear-view mirror. As for this pregnant lady, the days and nights are starting to get pretty uncomfortable and awkward but I know this is not forever. However, DEAR CHILD, let it be known that we would love to meet you at any moment.


Kindra said…
Wow, getting so close! Can't wait to see Baby K!