Chug it.

Well, around these parts, it has been muggy and hot during the day and stormy and wet in the evening. Summer is certainly here, and the heat? She's a wave.

And can I just say, just this once, THE MOSQUITOES ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL. This evening I heard a young, "Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!" outside my kitchen window and peered out only to happen upon a neighborhood kid waving his hands frantically and running for his life from a swarm of blood suckers behind him. Only in Canada, only in Canada.

Yes, the mosquitoes are deadly, the temperatures are rising, and I won't let it get the best of me yet. At the risk of overindulging on slushies and ice-cream (but let's be honest, Arden and I walked briskly to the convenience store this evening to top up our reserves), smoothies have been the name of the game for me in the morning.

A & E's Smoothie of Choice:

2 cups of frozen fruit (we like to do a combo of berries and mango)
1 banana
1 cup of plain yogurt
1 cup of Orange Juice

*Toss it all in a blender and blend away!

Sometimes when Arden isn't looking I like to boost the greens a little bit and throw in some spinach. Shhhhhhh.

What are some yummy additions to your smoothies?