I'm a genius.

I am slowly sinking into a deep joy for cooking again. Sometimes I struggle with the nature of my profession; on teaching days I rarely get home before 7:30 which makes it a little tricky to have a regular supper-time. Normally, we relish the weekend meals that allow us to sit at the same table come the dinner-hour; however, with additional time on my hands most mornings I've been able to get the ball rolling with at least a few meal plans.

This week's tasty invention was just that, TASTY:

Thai Vermicelli Bowls With Peanut Sauce:
[serves 2]


-1 pork chop sliced thinly.
-2 cups broccoli
-4 Tb. freshly chopped coriander
-1 lime sliced into wedges
-a couple handfuls of bean sprouts
-1/2 package of thick vermicelli rice noodles
-1 can of light coconut milk
-4 Tb. crunchy peanut butter
-1 Tb. of chili garlic sauce (or to taste)
-1 Tb. freshly diced garlic
-1 Tb. grape seed oil

Peanut Sauce:
In a small sauce pan combine the can of coconut milk, chili garlic sauce, and peanut butter. Turn to low heat, stirring occasionally until the sauce reaches your desired thickness.

Broccoli and Pork Satay:
In a small frying pan, cook pork in the grape seed oil and garlic (make sure the garlic does not burn). Turn burner onto a higher setting and quickly fry the broccoli florets with the pork. If they are small enough, this should only take 5-8 minutes until they are tender but still nice and crisp.

Cook vermicelli according to package directions.

Stack bowls with vermicelli, pork and broccoli satay, and peanut sauce.

Top with fresh coriander, sprouts, and lime.

This tastes like Thailand! It involves minimum ingredients and is relatively quick to prepare: while the peanut sauce is cooking you can get the pork satay going. I would say all-in-all, this one-bowl-dinner took no more than 30 min. from start to finish.