Finding our way.

Arden and I have talked at length about who this little babe is and what dynamic music and creativity will inevitably play in our life together. I have the privilege of interacting with children daily and I am continually surprised at the role that song and melody plays in their growth, development, and playtime. Not only that, but song and lyric seems to be wed to the way kids interact with and interpret the world around them. I love stumbling upon a child engrossed in play while humming and singing along, "The tractor goes up the hill, and then down the hill... the driver likes to go fast and slow."

That being said, I am accumulating many musical story-telling treasures. What were yours when you were growing up? What are some new ones that you have found?

Do Fun Stuff Volume 1
: this one is promoted by a blog that I follow that is written by a fellow who fathers a son with Smith Magenis Syndrome. You can listen to the whole thing here.
Classical Kids: I grew up with Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mozart and the Magic Flute, Handel's Messiah, etc.
The Wind and Tide
: This was suggested by a creative and artistic friend that is also a Mama. On first listen I was impressed with the lyrical, musical, AND educational content. I think this will be a favorite.

I'm also on the lookout for some good kids worship music that is not lame. Any suggestions?


Cass said…
Medea is a big fan of the kids reggae cd, but most of these are fun, and cute.
Carla said…
Praise Baby has some CDs that I really like. So far we've just been checking them out of the library, but amazon sells them for pretty cheap too. They aren't really upbeat, but nice for winding down times or in the evening.