Count them, 30.

Last week I was approached by a gentleman who prides himself on being an accurate 'baby predictor' and he is positive we are having a girl. He told me to be sure to let everyone know, so there you go. Thus far, the baby gender poll has been leaning drastically to the boy side but we shall see, we shall see.

30 weeks, today. Can I hear a, "What, what???"

These days have included lots of outside time, brainstorming, and of course more craft plans.

*More collecting.

*I painted the stag silhouette and I'm hoping to do a baby one as well once we have a cute baby face to profile.

*Cute flannel fabric to sew up some receiving blankets. What fun.

And thank you for all the contributions to a sweet baby mix. I added some more new favorites that I found on 3 children's compilations that include the likes of Ron Sexsmith, Rosie Thomas, Great Lake Swimmers, and Tom Waits for goodness sake! They are worth a browse. I wasn't a fan of all of them but a couple from itunes certainly made their way to our library.
For The Kids
For the Kids Too
For the Kids Three

Happy Monday all!