Sometimes I press shuffle on my itunes library and walk away. It is the perfect way to rediscover dusty treasures in your music library. This week, every time a perfect kiddo song came on I dragged into a playlist I'm constructing for this wee one. It's already quite long. What are some of your favorites to sing and play to your small ones?

Special K Mix:

Goodnight Moon-Said the Whale
Happy Birthday-Sufjan Stevens
House of God, Forever-Jon Foreman
To Go Home-M. Ward
All You Need Is Love-The Beatles
Tree Hugger-Kimya Dawson
Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles
Go Do-Jonsi
The Trees Are Golden-Zoe Fitch
Train in the Rain-Bruce Cockburn
Syeeda's Songflute-John Coltrane
Dance Tonight-Paul McCartney
A Sun Came-Sufjan Stevens
It Don't Mean a Thing-Stephane Grappelli
Holly Ontario-Said the Whale
Good Day Sunshine-The Beatles
Hey Jude-The Beatles
You Remind Me-Andy Shauf
Ooh Child-Beth Orton
Come On! Feel the Illinoise!-Sufjan Stevens
It Will Sail-Sarah Harmer
Baby-Stephane Grappelli
Chicago-Sufjan Stevens
Upside Down-Jack Johnson
1 2 3 4-Feist
Such Great Heights-Iron & Wine
Ain't Misbehavin'-Stephane Grappelli
Comptine d'un Atre Ete-Amelie Soundtrack
Night Windows-The Weakerthans
Around Us-Jonsi
With My Own Two Hands-Jack Johnson with Ben Harper
Banana Pancakes-Jack Johnson
Dirty Town-Mother Mother
The Cave-Mumford & Sons
Rainfall-Bruce Cockburn
Strawberry Swing-Coldplay
Blue Skies-Itchak Perlman and Oscar Peterson
I Got Rhythm-Stephane Grappelli
Better Together-Jack Johnson
Songbird-Rosie Thomas
Your Love Is Strong-Jon Foreman
What Light-Wilco

Add more to my list!!! What are some good tunes?


Marco, Kristin, and Ellie de Andrade said...

My special neice or nephew is going to be the most musically smart little one I know :). I think I'll smile if Sufjan is their first word!

Cass said...

Some songs that have the Medea Stamp of Approval:
Robot Parade-They Might Be Giants
Particle Man-They Might Be Giants
Itsy Bitsy Spider-The Boogers
Catch the Moon-Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell
Sparkle and Shine-David Usher
Bird of the Summer-A Fine Frenzy
Lullaby for a Stormy Night-Vienna Teng
Sleep so Very Long-Moby ft. Chrissi Poland
Small as Me-Rosie Thomas
June Hymn-The Decemberists
Summer-Joe Hisaishi
New Star in the Sky-Air
Moon Child-Cibo Matto
Let's Be Still-Yo Le Tengo
Making Me Smile-Dean and Britta
Sun It Rises-Fleet Foxes
Cloudbursting-Neil Halestead

Arden said...

I like the picture.

jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

thats it...we are so sending you a 'wee one' compilation...there are just too many awesome ones out there...with BIG love and hugs....jennyxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.ps..thats providing those silly posties stop striking...just joking...:)

Erika said...

Oh Yay! I was hoping for a compilation from our dear Island friends! Hand over 'yer treasures!

Erika said...

Cass, I also checked out the Rosie Thomas song you mentioned and found the For the Kids compilation and a few other Canadian songwriters to round out the mix: Ron Sexsmith, Great Lake Swimmers, Of Montreal, etc. Thanks for the suggestion!

M said...

Erika you're amazing. If I ever get a wee one, I am so looking up this list again. I might not necessarily wait till then - it's a sweet list! :)