Sometimes I press shuffle on my itunes library and walk away. It is the perfect way to rediscover dusty treasures in your music library. This week, every time a perfect kiddo song came on I dragged into a playlist I'm constructing for this wee one. It's already quite long. What are some of your favorites to sing and play to your small ones?

Special K Mix:

Goodnight Moon-Said the Whale
Happy Birthday-Sufjan Stevens
House of God, Forever-Jon Foreman
To Go Home-M. Ward
All You Need Is Love-The Beatles
Tree Hugger-Kimya Dawson
Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles
Go Do-Jonsi
The Trees Are Golden-Zoe Fitch
Train in the Rain-Bruce Cockburn
Syeeda's Songflute-John Coltrane
Dance Tonight-Paul McCartney
A Sun Came-Sufjan Stevens
It Don't Mean a Thing-Stephane Grappelli
Holly Ontario-Said the Whale
Good Day Sunshine-The Beatles
Hey Jude-The Beatles
You Remind Me-Andy Shauf
Ooh Child-Beth Orton
Come On! Feel the Illinoise!-Sufjan Stevens
It Will Sail-Sarah Harmer
Baby-Stephane Grappelli
Chicago-Sufjan Stevens
Upside Down-Jack Johnson
1 2 3 4-Feist
Such Great Heights-Iron & Wine
Ain't Misbehavin'-Stephane Grappelli
Comptine d'un Atre Ete-Amelie Soundtrack
Night Windows-The Weakerthans
Around Us-Jonsi
With My Own Two Hands-Jack Johnson with Ben Harper
Banana Pancakes-Jack Johnson
Dirty Town-Mother Mother
The Cave-Mumford & Sons
Rainfall-Bruce Cockburn
Strawberry Swing-Coldplay
Blue Skies-Itchak Perlman and Oscar Peterson
I Got Rhythm-Stephane Grappelli
Better Together-Jack Johnson
Songbird-Rosie Thomas
Your Love Is Strong-Jon Foreman
What Light-Wilco

Add more to my list!!! What are some good tunes?


My special neice or nephew is going to be the most musically smart little one I know :). I think I'll smile if Sufjan is their first word!
Cass said…
Some songs that have the Medea Stamp of Approval:
Robot Parade-They Might Be Giants
Particle Man-They Might Be Giants
Itsy Bitsy Spider-The Boogers
Catch the Moon-Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell
Sparkle and Shine-David Usher
Bird of the Summer-A Fine Frenzy
Lullaby for a Stormy Night-Vienna Teng
Sleep so Very Long-Moby ft. Chrissi Poland
Small as Me-Rosie Thomas
June Hymn-The Decemberists
Summer-Joe Hisaishi
New Star in the Sky-Air
Moon Child-Cibo Matto
Let's Be Still-Yo Le Tengo
Making Me Smile-Dean and Britta
Sun It Rises-Fleet Foxes
Cloudbursting-Neil Halestead
thats it...we are so sending you a 'wee one' compilation...there are just too many awesome ones out there...with BIG love and hugs....jennyxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.ps..thats providing those silly posties stop striking...just joking...:)
Erika Britt said…
Oh Yay! I was hoping for a compilation from our dear Island friends! Hand over 'yer treasures!
Erika Britt said…
Cass, I also checked out the Rosie Thomas song you mentioned and found the For the Kids compilation and a few other Canadian songwriters to round out the mix: Ron Sexsmith, Great Lake Swimmers, Of Montreal, etc. Thanks for the suggestion!
M said…
Erika you're amazing. If I ever get a wee one, I am so looking up this list again. I might not necessarily wait till then - it's a sweet list! :)