Arm in arm we strolled up the avenue while storm clouds brewed ahead of us to the west and the wind churned dust and leaves around our feet. It was my birthday and we were off for dinner while the growing babe in my belly squirmed with presence and affirmation.

We smiled knowingly at one another as we were shown a small table in a bustling dining room.

"Next year we're going to need a babysitter." We shared another grin that lingered. You reached for my hand across the table.

Our meal ended and a thunder storm continued to sweep across the city skyline. Hugging a light jacket around my shoulders we drove to a favorite lookout spot and stopped. Yes, this was our spot. Many winter lights, harvest moons, and setting summer suns had accompanied us in the past. Our thoughts, worries, grievances, frustrations, dreams, and joys wove in and out of the swaying brush and weeds along the riverbank. Yes, this was our spot.

Tonight, we lay out a spread of grocery-store pumpkin pie and hot beverages and called it a happy birthday. We shared five bites but were too full to continue. You made me laugh until tears beaded the creases of my eyes.

Light rain speckled the lenses of our glasses. We made our way back to our car and followed the road home.


Elizabeth Young said…
Great blog! You should have a spot where people can sign up to follow you and also to get everything you post by e-mail if they wish. Your blog reminded me a lot of 'imperfect prose' which is an awesome and popular blog by another Christian. Keep writing!
Lola said…
this is really lovely.