Sometimes you just need a night out to get a full belly and a good dose of perspective and fresh air.

This is how it went down:

- Arden arrived home to a (slightly) irrational pregnant wife in tears.

- The following afternoon he called with plans to make dinner reservations.

- I said, "Yes please."

- We went out.

- I feel better.

- I love this man.

This weekend we feasted with friends, today I spent the warm afternoon puttering around in my garden, and this evening another young family joined us for dinner and laughter.

Needless to say, this adjustment to copious amounts of spare time has been harder than I expected. I have appreciated the rest and slower pace but I think I'm feeling a little lost.

What is one to do without academic projects, reading lists, or consuming work?


If you want to hang out, I am free and I just might call you up. A lot.

Please suggest some good reading.

Come to my house and I will cook a tasty meal for you. I have dusted off my cooking skills and would love to share.

It's a new week and I hope you are well.


darien said…
ERika, I wish I COULD hang out with you, but a wee surprise is (finally) on it's way to you.

And, here is my book suggestion--anything by Nancy Rue. Her Healing Sands series, and her most recent The Reluctant Prophet, are such great novels. They will make you think. And cry. And laugh out loud. Let me know how you like them!